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November 2017
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Saigon Kids: Reunion Anyone?

by Bobbie (Sheehan) Mauch (ACS)

Hi Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well.

Is anyone interested in a Reunion in Las Vegas?

I asked Sarah Bush and she said she thought it might work.

I would be happy to organize it with some help (Sarah said she would help me). Frank, I need […]

Saigon Kids: Bobbie Sheehan and David Henry

Submitted by Ken Yeager (ACS)

Saigon Kids. Circa 1962. Bobbie Sheehan and David Henry at American Community School Saigon. Ken Yeager Collection. Click Image to Enlarge.

Bobbie Sheehan and David Henry taken at American Community School Saigon in 1962.

Share your memories, experiences and stories of your days in Saigon.

You […]

It’s A Small World When You Are A Saigon Kid

What are the probabilities of two people having lived in the same house over 49 years earlier on the other side of the world meeting up in Boise, Idaho?

Well it is true!

Here is a 2009 photo to add to the gallery.

Bobbie Mauch and Jane Reiser each attended the […]

Idaho Saigon Kids Mini Reunion

Hi, everyone! Just a short note to let everyone know that my wife, Sandy, and I met Bobbie (Sheehan) Mauch and Jane Reiser for dinner Sunday night (February 1, 2009) – and had a fantastic time! I took my Gecko yearbooks … Jane took a shoebox of old family photos … and the 4 […]

Bobbie Sheehan Mauch – Joins Our Blog

Hello Bobbie! Welcome to our Blog. Good to see you hear. Feel free to leave Posts and Comments.

Thanks for joining. Have a fantastic day!