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February 2018
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Submitted by: Bob Ritchie

Thanks to Saigon Kids, I am closing in on my target “Operation Baby Lift” My appeal for information on Fr Crawford’s Orphanage has yielded a very nice bound book published as a tribute to the Good Father with meditations as well as details on the operation itself…all thanks to the […]


Submitted by Mazie Purtle (Mrs Dale Purtle)

Fifty-two years ago on September 18, 1962, Dale Purtle and I were married in the late afternoon by Father Crawford at Cite Marie-Paul in Saigon. Attendants were Claire Breckon, wife of FSO Lyall Breckon and Robert Hahang, a bank official. FSO Kenneth Rogers and his wife Millicent […]

Father Crawford’s Kids

by Frank Stoddard (ACS)

Father Crawford Kids (Circa 1960/70s). Frank Stoddard Collection. Submitted by Frank Stoddard. CLICK IMAGE for LARGER VIEW

Bob and I have been in contact with a young lady who was part of the Father Crawford’s Kids airlift of 1975.

I have several emails from her, but still have not found […]

Have You Ever Wondered About the fate of ...

all those children Father Crawford helped through Go Vap orphanage?

Many of us remember Father Crawford as the kind Priest who helped us get our ACS *Teenagers* baseball team going. But, one can only guess at how many 1000s of other children he helped through Go Vap orphanage.

The more I learn about him, the more remarkable I find him to have been.

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t receive a very *touching* email from a Saigon Kid telling of their past and present experiences they’ve encountered along their journey of life.

Here is one such story of how Father Crawford helped direct the fate of one newborn baby at Go Vap orphanage.

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Father Crawford: 1975 Orphan Airlift

We all have fond memories of Father Crawford who helped us get the ACS “Teenagers” baseball team going.

I came across an article written by Joe Dantonio of World Airways, recalling his memories of his part in the 1975 Orphan Airlift from the Oakland Station point of view. In it he mentions the arrival of Father Crawford with his entire *flock* from Viet-nam.

Here is an exert from the article …

” … The 727 arrival was emotional in a different way. Polio still ran rampant in Viet Nam. No one there had ever heard of Jonas Salk or his vaccine. The result was some terribly disfigured children that found refuge in an orphanage run by an American Priest by the name of Father Crawford. As the infrastructure of Viet Nam collapsed, Father Crawford sought alternative arrangements for his charges. An orphanage in Oregon was closed and standing idle. Father Crawford and his entire flock, including the children, the Nuns, and other personnel were flown to Oakland by World Airways and transported to Oregon by bus. Many of these children were old enough to be suspicious of everyone in the strange environment they were entering. I was particularly impressed by the Mother Superior, who with exceptional dignity and warmth, dealt with everyone’s apprehensions. On arrival, one of the flight attendants felt compelled to converse with Mother Superior in academic French. Mother Superior was trying to console the children in Vietnamese and speaking to me in perfect English. Needless to say, French was soon eliminated from the communications circle.

The Father Crawford flight involvement spanned a comparatively few hours, but also left a permanent memory of how fortunate I have been. … ”

If you’d like to read the entire article Click Here.

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