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February 2018
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by Admin

I’ve received a couple emails and photos from Saigon Kids™ who live in the areas hit by the hurricanes, rains and flooding over the past few months. It was good to hear they are okay and recovering from the storms.

Which reminded me of this old song from the 1950s

But, I’ve been wondering, as I sure many of you are, how all of our Saigon Kids™ family members are and how they’ve weathered the storms.

Please feel free to let us all know in the Comments Section below. I’m sure everyone would like to hear from you and how you are doing.




Submitted by: Elliot Bishop (Australian Vietnam Vet)

Dear Saigon Kids,

How delighted I was to discover this web site.

I am an Australian Vietnam veteran (Phuoc Tuy Province, 1968-69) with a particular interest in the post-World War II history of French Indochina. Despite my own involvement in the “shooting war”, my main interest is in the war’s antecedents and the events leading up to it.

As a schoolboy I followed events in Vietnam long before most Australians had heard of Vietnam. Events such as the Buddhist uprising and immolations, the Diem coup and succession of military juntas following, the failed Ap Bac battle, the Brinks Hotel and floating restaurant bombings, and the attacks on Pleiku and the Bien Hoa airbase sparked my imagination and ultimately led to my enlistment in the Australian Army.

Unlike you, my witness to these events was distant and abstract. I believed in the American effort and continue to hold deep respect for all US servicemen and their families who served. The war’s failed outcome is no reflection on you and your parents, but lies squarely in the complexities of Vietnam’s history and the folly, duplicity and betrayal of and by America’s political leaders.

I particularly enjoyed reading your ACS yearbooks, seeing your old photos and learning how you adapted to your strange new environment. That you were able to create a productive school community in the midst of chaos is a credit to you, your teachers and administrators. In many ways I’m sure you look back on these as your best and most memorable days. Well done!

Elliot Bishop

Admin Note: Welcome Elliot! Glad you found us and enjoy the site. Please feel free to join in the conversations sharing your memories, experiences and historical knowledge of Saigon and Viet Nam.



by Admin (ACS)

Philip Brady USAID Bien Hoa-1

One of our Saigon Kids who worked for Philip Brady in Vietnam is attempting to locate him. If you have any information about his current location and contact information, please share in the Comments Section below, or via the Contact Form.

Thank you.



Submitted by Suellen (Oliver) Campbell (ACS)

Charles and I are planning a cruise to Asia next year (2018) that includes a one-day stop in Saigon along the way.

The ship will provide transportation to the city from the port with a short tour of the city included.

We have no interest in seeing the tunnels or areas outside the city.

I am wondering if any of the Saigon Kids who have returned in the past few years would recommend investigating the city on our own after the day tour is over?

I would like to find our old house on Phan Dinh Phung, if possible, but we want to be safe if we venture out on our own.

Is transportation still easily available these days?

Did you find the currency easy to calculate?

Are there any obvious pitfalls to avoid?

For all intents and purposes, my Vietnamese is non-existent.

Should we stick with the ship tour, or add our adventure?

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


Suellen (Saigon ACS ’58-60)


by Admin

I know it has been awhile since I posted to the site. But, I’ve been engrossed in my adventure into the world of cancer; and, doing extensive research about it.


First let me say I was deeply touched and overwhelmed with gratitude by all your comments and emails of encouragement and support.


But, words can’t even begin to express how deeply the compassion you’ve expressed has touched me.

I’m truly blessed to be connected with all of you through this site.

So, were am I at in my journey with cancer? That’s a damn good question – LOL.

In a few days I’ll be making a longer Post with more details, but for now will just give you the short version…

Official diagnosis? None yet.
Treatment options available? None yet.


I found it necessary to fire my Lung Specialist Team. I’d selected this particular group mainly because the head of the team has been recogonize for the past few years as one of the top 10 lung specialist in the country.

(Note: You might have noticed above I said I *fired* them. This might seem strange to some of you, but I view medical professionals as *contract employees*. When I have a need for specialized skills or services, I have a choice of hiring qualified on the payroll employees or hiring qualified individuals on an independent contractor basis. Either way, as their employer, if they don’t perform to my standards and expectations I fire them and replace them with people who will.)

When it became evident they were more interested in how many highly profitable tests, scans, procedures, etc. (many unnecessary) they could rack up before issuing a diagnosis, I fired them.

I’ve assembled a new team and contracted with them. They are in the process of gathering up all my medical records and history. Once they’ve completed that and reviewed it they should have enough information to make a diagnosis and provide available treatment options, etc.

This entire adventure has proven very interesting, to put it mildly. One thing that stands out the most is how they constantly bombard you with *fear tactics*… if you don’t do xyz right now you could die, etc. etc. … Really doctor?! Now tell me something I don’t know. Hell I’ve known all my life I’m going to die. I’ve just never known how or when.

Anyway, that’s where things stand at the moment.

I’ll write another Post with the details of my cancer experiences to date (what a mine field), and my research discoveries which I’m certain most of you will find shocking.

Until then …

Rock Onnn…. Saigon Kidssssssssss