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February 2018
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“Chip” Chalmers Benedict Wood II Re-Connects With Saigon Kids

Hi Old Saigon Kids friends,

Wow, the Cercle! Great picture, and memories leap to mind from the distant past as if an endless ‘Whack a Mole’ game. I lived in Saigon the summers of ’58 & ’59 at 40 Phung Kai Quan, a block from the old cemetery. My first job was building model airplanes with a Vietnamese Air force propaganda guy out by Ton Son Nhut, and flying them for the Viet parents and kids that would come to watch on Sundays. Anybody remember that?

Who has more pictures? I’m writing a book that will included that era in spades, so please leap to the fore old Saigon Kids. See, part of the theme covers the types of people we SKs became, our sorrows, joys, defeats, and victories (etc) from the time we returned home, to today, with Vietnam now doing rather better than, say, it was at Tet, ’68. We were YEARS ahead of “the curve” back home, and that will be a valuable experience-base for the rest of our lives. And yep, it will make some homees, angry, jealous, and so on for ever. Well, we can educate them, and the ones that absolutely refuse to learn… 😉 That’s the pivot upon which our stories teeters. So please don’t be shy. My email address is Chalmers[@] . I live in China now, and doing great. Hope you are too.

Best Wishes to ALL Saigon Kids. In certain areas of world history, there is not another group even slightly as experienced as us, give or take: THEREIN WE RULE! No kidding. Think about that. 😉


Chalmers Benedict Wood II
Anybody actually remember me? I was a funny-looking, very shy, and painfully quiet kid back then… 😉

3 comments to “Chip” Chalmers Benedict Wood II Re-Connects With Saigon Kids

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Chip, were you in high school back then? I was there in Saigon from 58-60.Would love to help with the book, if needed.
    All the best.

  • Cathie McIntyre

    We didn’t know each other, and your family must have been the residents who lived in MY house just before we took it over in Oct 1959.

    When we lived at 40 rue Miche — or 40 Phunkg khac Khoan, there were five McIntyres: father Donald McIntyre, Dept. of State medical doctor; mother Jessie McIntyre, and three daughters– Cathie, Lynn, and Susan. We lived in the house for two years and loved it there. We enjoyed the badminton court and took care of baby elephants and monkeys in the yard. Our servants lived on site, except for Ap, our cook, who rode his bicycle to work every day.

    Steve Pryplesh took photos of the house several years ago. It’s still standing but looks quite different now.

    Next month I’ll visit former boyfriend Pierre Luvanvi in Paris. Pierre used to pick me up at 40 rue Miche on his Lambretta, and we spent afternoons at the Cercle Sportif.

    Pierre’s French mother was buried in the cemetery across the street. The cemetery no longer exists.

    As for me, I currently live in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and right now I am writing this from the apartment of friends in Belgrade, Serbia,

    Cathie McIntyre

  • Hi Saigon Kids,

    Thanks Suellen and Cathie! Sorry to be so slow. More later.

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